“Getting ready for this XSCAPE TOUR with my new in-ears. Thanks to Empire Ears for my customized LATOCHA in-ears!! Special s/o to DJ & Jack for their amazing service!”
– Latocha, Vocalist (Xscape)

“The way I see it is how I must hear it. I may be new to the family but I like what I’m feeling.”
– MAJOR., Vocalist

Just got out of soundcheck and finally had a chance to use my ears for the first time!!! They really are fire!”
– Kenneth Leonard,
/Music Director

“Love these in ears! Can’t beat em, they go everywhere with me and I wouldn’t swap them for anything! (well, maybe another pair of empires!).”
– Joe Curtis-Leveridge , Drummer

“These Athena IEMs fit my ears perfectly and they sound amazing!!!!!”
– Cerod Butler, Drummer/Producer

“Empire Ears has been a God-Send! Their careful attention to quality, clarity and consistency, makes the Empire company unmatchable! The Spartan IV’s have been absolutely amazing for me on this tour! Do yourself a favor and get on these! They’re called Empire for a reason.”
– Moe, Drummer

“I now have my very own custom in-ears and my hellokitty heart is so happy my ears are in heaven.”
– Lolo, Vocalist

“So thankful for my good friends Empire Ears for making the best In Ear Monitors in the industry! “
– Tyler Toms, Engineer

“Loving my new ears. Thank you, guys.”
– Anna Golden, Vocalist

“Sound so good.”
– John Webb Jr., Producer

“When I’m performing my Hermes VIs give me all the warmth and presence of a live room, with the dynamics and clarity of a studio mix. Their sound is matched by their durability.”
– Shagoe Elizondo, Guitarist

“Salute to the guy behind this. It’s far beyond what BA driver iem can do, such an outstanding piece of art for your daily go to and critical listening.”
– Vincent Lau Tsz On, Audiophile

“Zeus R sounds great, the soundstage and detail of this pair is what I love the most. Again, thank you Empire Ears!”
– Yoca Mariano, Audiophile

“Always use my Empire Ears.”
– Terry Ilous, Guitarist (Great White)

“Tried out my new babies from Empire Ears. They were amazing!”
– Kenya Miller, Vocalist

“I’ve used several different IEMS, but my Empire Ears were a complete game changer for me on stage. The sound is clean and pure and the fit is comfortable wether I’m playing 30 mins or 4 hours. You won’t find an easier or better company to deal with, their staff makes you feel like family and the customer is always first! Empire Ears are the best in the game.”
– Josh Bagwell, Guitarist

“My new Spartan IV’s by @empireears are the best in-ear monitors I’ve experienced to date and are changing the game for me when performing.”
– Ricky Vazquez , Guitarist

” I’m still in awe every night at how amazing my live experience is on stage. These Ears are incredible!!!! “
– Young Wurld, Songwriter/Producer/Musician

“They have finally arrived!!!!!!! These joints sound amazing!!!!”
– Rich Garner, Producer

“By far, the best sound I’ve ever had in my ears.”
– Ryan Daly, Vocalist/Guitarist

“Being a worship leader for many years, I was never really satisfied with the sound I was getting out of my IEMS, that is until I found Empire! They deliver a crisp, live, and full sound that is detailed in your ears. I couldn’t be happier with the sound Empire Ears brings!”
– Josh Mendoza, Keyboardist
(Calvary Chapel Church)

“The Athena is the full package; it is an excellent sounding monitor, and the accessories that come with them are unparalleled. The shell work is excellent, it is comfortable and the build is of extremely high quality.”
– Poker Faze, Audiophile

“If you need great quality in-ears, they are your go to company!”
– Robert Coleman, Keyboardist/Producer

“It’s like I have actual monitors in my ears. Sounds like heaven!”
– Justin Deas, Keyboardist

“I love my in-ears and I love my Empire Ears family!”
– David Woods, Drummer

““I love my Empires! I have had them on the road for 2 years now and they allow me to take the dynamic approach I need to put my playing over the top. Whether I use them in a arena or a club, I can finally hear everything and craft the perfect tone. They have allowed me to mix the perfect stereo sound and it feels like I’m standing in front of my guitar cabs backstage! I love these ears!”
– Chase Napier, Guitarist

“Jack Vang & Empire Ears provided me a great customer service interaction, highly customizable products with a natural sounding very emotional involving sound that fits my ears perfectly. I strongly encourage anyone who has been turned off by rude, hard to reach non personable user friendly companies to give JV and EE an audition soon. I could not be happier.”
– Vein Doc, Audiophile

“These guys are, hands-down, the best in the business. I’m using the Zeus model with an unprecedented 14 drivers / 7 crossovers per ear. The clarity and separation are utterly fantastic. If you’re in the market for in-ear monitors, for professional use or consumer use (because you just love music) this is the company you need to speak to.”
– K. Spencer, Guitarist/Drummer/Vocalist

“Apollo-X custom in ear monitor is a good alternative for who is looking for a smooth sound with non-fatiguing treble notes. Additionally, its separation and background blackness is very impressive. I must say that Empire Ears does a very good job in terms of comfort and fit, the best that I have ever tried. Simply perfect!”
– Mike Portney, Audiophile

“I love the mids I hear on my Spartan IVs. I can hear what I need to so clearly.”
– Daniel Burner, Guitarist
(Victory World Church)

“Apollo X is a unique in-ear monitor that impresses with macro presentation: its general tonality and soundstage dimensions. Versatility is its forte; its neutral signature doesn’t discriminate against genres, while its ability to recreate both thin and thick notes allows electric guitars and vocals to sound full, while sounding thinner for acoustics and string instruments as well. This basically means you can throw anything at Apollo and it will always sound good.”
– Nic Flinkenflogel, Audiophile

“Empire Ears is by far the best company to be with! Their customer service is amazing, their staff are very welcoming and more importantly their product is absolutely amazing! Thanks Empire for making my life so much easier!”
– Brandon Bailey, Bassist
(Free Chapel Church)

“I’ve used several different brands of in ears over the years and Empire have by far been my favorite. The clarity in even their base models is superior to the competition.”
– Dan Snyder, Keyboardist

“When I strike the drums, these Empires strike back!!!”
– Bernard “TreWay” Lambert , Drummer

“These things truly sound amazing.”
– Tom Laskey, Guitarist

“Apollo X’s by Empire Ears are the best sounding in-ears I’ve ever heard, hands-down. HUGE sound stage, perfectly EQ’d. They did not pay me to say this.
– Rob LaLiberte, Pastor/Musician
(First Baptist Church)

“Spartan achieves a level of resolution that makes you snigger at the driver war, and the prices of those $2000+ IEMs. It’s a serious performer, with some of the best transparency I’ve heard.”
– Caleb Paterik, Audiophile

“I’ve been so happy with my Empire IEMs from the customer service to the stage and studio! The clarity and detail of the bass response and the overall sound quality is incredible! “
– Sasha Gray, Vocalist/Guitarist

“HUGE shoutout to Empire Ears for being the best IEMs ever! Used em in a music video last night, and they were flawless.”
– Joshua Richard, Drummer

“Best sounding in-ears out there! I’ve tried a few and no one delivers like Empire.”
– Diego Campos, Drummer
(Victory World Church)

“When I spoke to Dean Vang at Canjam London and asked him how he managed to get the coherence the Zeus manages over both the 7 and 8 crossover setup, he just remarked that he tunes the IEM for how a singer or musician would want it to sound – as close to natural as possible, no more or less. It’s a simple ethos, but seems to be remarkably astute, as this is what makes the Zeus so compelling and special to me.”
-Ross Denton, Audiophile

“What is hip?? Empire Ears is what’s hip!! If u don’t have them then u need to get them! Where ever I go, and every arena I play, I make sure I have my In-ears that help me hear everything in detail so I don’t miss out on nothing!!”
– Ethen Famer, Bassist

“Besides making some of the greatest quality in-ear monitors available in the market, Empire Ears has the best customer relations staff and they’ve been a pleasure to work with!”
– Joel, Guitarist

“Lovin’ my carbon fiber @empireears on stage! Best set of in ear monitors that deliver great sound and great protection.”
– Michael Hampton, Guitarist/Vocalist

“Hearing everything clearly makes a difference in your performance each night. Big shoutout to the Empire Ears family for your amazing IEM’s.”
– Marvin Mumford, Guitarist/Vocalist

“These IEM’s are outstanding. What impresses me even more is the excellent costumer service….. My father has 40% hearing loss in one ear. The in house audiologist, and DJ Perry took the time out and spoke with him about customizing something for him free of charge. That generous act of kindness, courtesy, honesty, and patience, really made an impression on me. Thank you, you guys rock!”
– Brian Cockerham, Bassist

“30 mins after delivery @empireears has me wondering why I waited this long to get custom molded #iems. Packing, finish, fit, & sound quality on these Cerberus III triple drivers are superb.”
– Andrew Warren Barlow, Assoc. Pastor/Guitarist
Coastal Oaks Church

“When I picked the Zeus-XIV, what I heard is parts that I’ve never heard in music I knew very well. The clarity involved, the wall of sound extending, it was like an alternate mix of the record I was listening to.”
– Benjamin Forehand, Guitarist

“You will have a hard time finding an IEM that does everything as well as the Zeus XR. Truly difficult to find better.”
– Troy Pfeifer, Audiophile

“These IEMs are absolutely killer. Punchy, beefy, and clear 100% of the time. (Oh, yeah. And they’re BEAUTIFUL!)”
– Sean O’Keefe, Bassist

“My in-ears sound so good. Such a good choice going with the 5’s. I’ve never been able to hear the hidden tones in my drums like I do now. The relationship between kick and bass are very close and precise. After having them for about a year, they still sound amazing.”
– TJ Rodriguez, Drummer

“Shout out to @empireears for the in ear monitors w/ the logo etched in. I’ve never ever used in ears before but after hearing the cutting edge sound I had to make a change.”
– RL Huggar, Vocalist (NEXT)

“We’ve been with Empire Ears for years now and and we stand by this company 100%. This is the way music is supposed to be heard.”
– The Scars Heal In Time

“I get crystal clear sound. Wouldn’t trade them for anything.”
– JT, Bassist
Four Corners Church